Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Royal Wedding

You might be wondering what the Royal Wedding has to do with Main Street Siloam Springs.  I know my husband is probably wondering just how I'm going to connect the two subjects.  Thanks to The English Tea Room located in our very own Downtown, it's really rather easy!

(By the way...  It seems Kate and William have had a bit of rain just like us--yet another connection!)
(Picture courtesy of people.com)

That's right fellow British Royal Family Fans, it seems we're making the news with our local festivities!  Brilliant, simply brilliant!  Here's what The English Tea Room has to say:
40/29 News will be filming live from The English Tea Room all day, starting At 4:30am on Friday 29th of April and will be here most of the day. This is forming part of their coverage of The Royal Wedding, We will Be serving free breakfasts to the first 100 people approximately through the door. Once it's gone it's gone.
Find The English Tea Room on facebook for more info.

And to my husband (if he's still reading), let the record show that I am not the only person obsessed interested in the Royal Wedding.  :-)
Off to make scones and a pot of tea...
I'll see you Downtown!


  1. I am planning on being there at 4:30 and staying as long as I can before my husband goes to work! Should be fun!!

  2. I know I'm a little late to write here but I only just found your blog.
    Hi, my name is Atonda I live here in Siloam. I too stayed up all night just to watch the wedding.
    I prepared a lovely scone tea for my husband and myself, decorated my living room and enjoyed a bit of British nostalgia while watching history in the making. Are there any other British patriots living in Siloam Springs? My husband is British from the Midlands Birmingham / Woverhampton area.