Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Due to the weather, the Farmer's Market was small yesterday.  It didn't bother us one little bit; we still had a great time!

We headed on over to the honey table and learned all kinds of things, and we came home with some sweet goodness for our morning oatmeal!
The honey is from hives located 17 miles from Siloam Springs in Summers, Arkansas.  I've heard quite a few of my friends mention eating raw, local honey helps with their allergies.
There were also beeswax candles for sale.  Those bees are busy!
But our favorite part was the video.  The farmers brought their laptop from behind the table and showed my boys footage of some bees swarming.  The beekeepers somehow found the queen and convinced them to start a new hive.  Quite fascinating!
Our time at the market this morning is a perfect example of why I love that our Downtown has our own Farmer's Market.  I enjoy getting to know the vendors and farmers and hearing about where the food we'll be consuming actually comes from.

Honey--it's at the Farmer's Market!

I'll see you Downtown!

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