Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Amy's Closet

Amy's Closet is now open for business!
The other day I headed over to check the place out.  I knew Amy's Closet was in a fun location in the Connelly Harrington House at the corner of Broadway and University Streets, but that was all I knew.  It can be a bit tricky to find.  Never fear, I'm here to help!  Just in case you, too, were wondering exactly how to find Downtown's newest shop, I took my camera along and took step-by-step pictures.

Step One: Find the Connelly Harrington House.
Step Two: Head up the steps.
Step Three: Midway up the steps turn left at the sidewalk.
Step Four: Follow the sidewalk around to the side of the building.
Step Five: The sidewalk takes you to a short set of steps leading you directly to Amy's Closet.
Step Six: At the bottom of the steps there is a pink door.  Open it and...
...head on in!  There are a few rooms, but before you check them out take a minute to peruse the rack pictured just below.
It's where I found a pair of shoes!  I'm pretty sure they hadn't ever been worn, and at $5 they were a necessary bargain.

Anytime is a perfect time to visit Amy's Closet.

I'll see you Downtown!

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