Thursday, April 28, 2011

Weekend Plans

It's going to be a big weekend!  There are two major events going on Downtown.

The Dogwood Festival kicks off Friday morning!  The festival will continue through Sunday afternoon.
This morning we saw people marking off the booth spaces in City Park.
Lots of Downtown businesses are having specials during the Dogwood Festival.  You might want to head to the Downtown Businesses tab to find links to the different websites (There's the book sale at the Library, the book signing at Books on Broadway, extended hours at the Cafe on Broadway, etc.).  There's lots of fun to be had!  Oh, and remember to find the Main Street Siloam Springs, Inc.'s booth at the Dogwood Festival; Farmer's Market stickers can be found there among other things.

And then there's The Royal Wedding.  :-)  Friday morning action is happening at The English Tea Room.  After spending the morning there, I'm sure you'll be feeling rather English.  Keep that feeling going by heading to Pour Jon's for a cup of tea...
...and then head down the street for a British flag notecard at Amandromeda.  Did I mention I'm excited about The Royal Wedding?  :-)
Regardless of which events you choose to attend, it's bound to be a fun-filled weekend!

I'll see you Downtown!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Due to the weather, the Farmer's Market was small yesterday.  It didn't bother us one little bit; we still had a great time!

We headed on over to the honey table and learned all kinds of things, and we came home with some sweet goodness for our morning oatmeal!
The honey is from hives located 17 miles from Siloam Springs in Summers, Arkansas.  I've heard quite a few of my friends mention eating raw, local honey helps with their allergies.
There were also beeswax candles for sale.  Those bees are busy!
But our favorite part was the video.  The farmers brought their laptop from behind the table and showed my boys footage of some bees swarming.  The beekeepers somehow found the queen and convinced them to start a new hive.  Quite fascinating!
Our time at the market this morning is a perfect example of why I love that our Downtown has our own Farmer's Market.  I enjoy getting to know the vendors and farmers and hearing about where the food we'll be consuming actually comes from.

Honey--it's at the Farmer's Market!

I'll see you Downtown!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Royal Wedding

You might be wondering what the Royal Wedding has to do with Main Street Siloam Springs.  I know my husband is probably wondering just how I'm going to connect the two subjects.  Thanks to The English Tea Room located in our very own Downtown, it's really rather easy!

(By the way...  It seems Kate and William have had a bit of rain just like us--yet another connection!)
(Picture courtesy of

That's right fellow British Royal Family Fans, it seems we're making the news with our local festivities!  Brilliant, simply brilliant!  Here's what The English Tea Room has to say:
40/29 News will be filming live from The English Tea Room all day, starting At 4:30am on Friday 29th of April and will be here most of the day. This is forming part of their coverage of The Royal Wedding, We will Be serving free breakfasts to the first 100 people approximately through the door. Once it's gone it's gone.
Find The English Tea Room on facebook for more info.

And to my husband (if he's still reading), let the record show that I am not the only person obsessed interested in the Royal Wedding.  :-)
Off to make scones and a pot of tea...
I'll see you Downtown!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Rain and the Market

We've had quite a bit of rain these past few days.  And it's still raining!  Oh my!
Here's a picture of Sager Creek taken near City Park where this weekend's annual Dogwood Festival will be taking place.  (Picture taken at 2:30 this afternoon.)

With all this rain, I've been wondering about Farmer's Market.  I'm happy to report that as of now the market will be open as usual tomorrow morning from 8am-1pm.
Until then stay dry and don't float away!

I'll see you Downtown!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Weekend Plans

Here are a couple of things to remember when making your weekend plans...

Farmer's Market in City Park on Saturday from 8am-1pm.

Emelia's is taking reservations for Easter meals.  Find them on the Businesses Tab and give them a call.

Speaking of Easter...  The Dogwood trees are in perfect bloom.  If your kiddos are dressed in their Easter best, it might be fun to head Downtown and get some pretty springtime pictures.

Have a Happy Easter!

I'll see you Downtown!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Amy's Closet

Amy's Closet is now open for business!
The other day I headed over to check the place out.  I knew Amy's Closet was in a fun location in the Connelly Harrington House at the corner of Broadway and University Streets, but that was all I knew.  It can be a bit tricky to find.  Never fear, I'm here to help!  Just in case you, too, were wondering exactly how to find Downtown's newest shop, I took my camera along and took step-by-step pictures.

Step One: Find the Connelly Harrington House.
Step Two: Head up the steps.
Step Three: Midway up the steps turn left at the sidewalk.
Step Four: Follow the sidewalk around to the side of the building.
Step Five: The sidewalk takes you to a short set of steps leading you directly to Amy's Closet.
Step Six: At the bottom of the steps there is a pink door.  Open it and...
...head on in!  There are a few rooms, but before you check them out take a minute to peruse the rack pictured just below.
It's where I found a pair of shoes!  I'm pretty sure they hadn't ever been worn, and at $5 they were a necessary bargain.

Anytime is a perfect time to visit Amy's Closet.

I'll see you Downtown!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Opening Day

This year's Farmer's Market opened yesterday with a chilly morning!  Favorite farmers were welcomed back along with some new vendors sure to become favorites!

I picked up some baby bok choi, onions, and spinach.  The radishes and dill looked lovely as well.
Grannie Frannie's Granola was giving away granola samples at their table.  Grannie Frannie's is one of this year's new vendors.  One sample of her granola and you'll be hooked!  YUMMY!!!  The granola we purchased at the market is gone-as in not one oat left in the compostable container!  (Yep, they use eco-friendly packaging; cool, huh?)
Granola will be at the market every Saturday and hopefully most Tuesdays.  (PS: I heard that if you "like" Grannie Frannie's Granola on facebook, there is a chance for some free granola at some point in your future.)
Brenda Welch's fresh bread is also making its debut at the Farmer's Market this year.  We picked up a loaf of half-white-half-wheat this week.  We also sampled the herb variety as well (which was sold out by the time we arrived).  Brenda is happy to take special orders.
The flowers were beautiful!  I picked up a few to add to the pots on my deck.
I'm so happy our local Farmer's Market is open for the season!  Make plans to head to City Park on Tuesday.  The market is open from 8am-1pm.

I'll see you Downtown!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Last Minute Reminders

Siloam Springs Farmers Market opens tomorrow in City Park (near the gazebo).  Vendors will be selling veggies, jams, granola, and lots more from 8am-1pm.

And, this just in...
Andrew Haught will be playing old time banjo music at Pour Jon's tonight at 6:30 pm.  Sounds like the perfect way to spend a chilly spring evening!

I'll see you Downtown!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Weekend Plans

It's going to be a fun weekend Downtown.  I'm excited!

I'm planning on taking my oldest son to see Pollyanna.  This delightful play is on stage at the Sager Creek Arts Center.  Two of our very good family friends are acting in the play making it even more special for our family.  We might even start the evening off with appetizers at Emelia's before heading to the Arts Center.  The play shows both Friday and Saturday evenings.  Remember to click on the Downtown Businesses tab to find the sites for Sager Creek Arts Center and Emelia's; details regarding tickets and contact info can be found there.

Then on Saturday morning we're heading to City Park for opening day at the Siloam Springs Farmer's Market!  Yay!  We are excited!  This year's market will be open on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 8am-1pm.  Grab a basket and head Downtown to stock your fridge with fresh veggies.  Yum!

Have a great weekend!
I'll see you Downtown...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Punch Cards and Book Signings

Books on Broadway now has punch cards!  This is a good thing at my house as we're in the habit of buying books.  Head Downtown, buy a book, and get your first punch.  It's fun!
In other Books on Broadway news, local author Dawn Denton's second book is out and ready for signing.  Her first book (above) titled Ruby and Rocket is one of my boy's favorites!  We're looking forward to the release of book number two (in the series of five) titled Oliver the Toad especially because we've been catching toads in our backyard this spring.

The book signing for Oliver the Toad is will be on Saturday, April 30th at Books on Broadway from 10:30-11:30am.  Mark your calendars and plan to attend this fun event before heading to the Dogwood Festival.

I'll see you Downtown!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Under Construction

Things have been a bit dusty around here!
We're in the process of trying to make things a bit more organized on the blog.  There is still work to do, but in the meantime...

Please check out our new Downtown Businesses page and our new Upcoming Events page. 
Both are located just under our title.  I hope this update will make information easier to find.

As for now, all this work has made me tired!  I'm off for a Downtown stroll and an icy drink at The Cafe on Broadway.  They open at 5:30 this evening; what a great evening to sit on their sidewalk enjoying a drink and a pastry.

I'll see you Downtown!

PS: The About page and the currently-quite-messy right hand column are next!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Weekend Plans

It's predicted to be a nice weekend weather-wise!  Here are a few things I have planned...

*A walk Downtown with my family.  We're planning to browse Siloam Flowers and Gifts.  They opened at their new Downtown location this past Monday.

*A visit to Local Flair Art Gallery.  They're having a photography exhibit this weekend.  Simply Lovely by Heather Foley will be on display.  Please stop by anytime on Friday from 6pm-8pm, Saturday from 10am-4pm, or Sunday from 1pm-3pm.  I'm excited to see Heather's creativity.

*Taking some time to look through my cookbooks finding recipes for FRESH PRODUCE!  Yum!!!  The Siloam Springs Farmer's Market opens for the season on Saturday, April 16th.  This year's Market will be taking place every Tuesday and Saturday morning from 8am-1pm.  Yes, you read that right: a Saturday market!  We're so excited about this change in days!  Please help us get the word out as this has been a recent change.

*And, last but not least, I'm planning to spend some time making a few changes this blog: The Word on Main Street.  I'm sure you noticed a few under construction signs around here.  Hopefully things will soon be neat and tidy once again.

Have a lovely weekend enjoying the sunshine!

I'll see you Downtown!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

KLRC is on the Move

John Brown University had a big announcement today.  Their radio station KLRC is moving its studio Downtown!
Here's a picture of the staff and radio personalities taken just outside their new building.
  (photo courtesy of John Brown University)

KLRC Finds New Home in Historic Downtown Siloam Springs
101.1 KLRC, a ministry of John Brown University, is moving to a new home in historic downtown Siloam Springs.  The facility, located at 110 North Broadway, will be purchased to meet the growing need for additional offices, studios and parking and is a convenient location for listeners to visit. Currently KLRC is operated out of a building located on the west side of the main JBU campus in Siloam Springs.
“We’re so excited about becoming a part of the downtown Siloam Springs community,” said Sean Sawatzky, KLRC General Manager. “We’ll be setting up our main studio so it’s visible from Broadway Street.  We’re hoping to give the people of Siloam Springs yet another reason to spend time downtown.” 
This will be the third location the station has occupied in its history. When the station launched in 1984, it was located on the first floor of the Learning Resource Center near the center of campus. As the need for space became an issue, the station moved to its current location in 2002. Sawatzky said the station will move to its downtown location in early summer.
“This opportunity is a win-win for KLRC and Siloam Springs,” said Kim Hadley, vice president for finance and administration. “We see this as our chance to give KLRC the space they need while expanding our connection with the community.”

I'll see you Downtown!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers

We've certainly had April showers this week. I'm hoping it means we've got the May flowers coming soon.
I happen to enjoy the rain, so I grabbed my umbrella and headed out to check on the bridge progress.
Near the bridge the Siloam Springs Library is set in a lovely location.
The redbud trees are out in full bloom with daffodils showing their happy faces just below.  So pretty--especially on a grey day.  I think what some refer to as 'dreary days" only enhance the colors nature has to share.
The arch detail on the bridge is quite pretty.  I'm eager to have the project completed!
I hope you feel inspired to get out and take a walk this weekend.

I'll see you Downtown!