Thursday, May 13, 2010

Window Displays

Early one morning, I took a walk Downtown.  Most of the shops had yet to open, so I was limited to window shopping.  Still I enjoyed looking through the glass and seeing the creative displays.
Heather Hill Boutique's new location looks great!
There are all kinds of "pretties" in Joni's display case.
I love the line of cheerful flowers in the window at Amandromeda.
Just to make sure one knows Fratelli's has gelato.  :-)
At Two Gal's Junk, the cutest little green table/telephone desk is calling my name.
Cheerful posies at Flowers on Broadway.  They happened to be opened early that morning for all the children who may have forgotten the special mother in their life.
It seems Downtown is quite charming early in the morning.

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