Monday, May 10, 2010

Farmer's Market: Grand Opening

The market has been open for a few weeks, but this Tuesday (May 11th) is the Grand Opening!
Head Downtown for the festivities!
Produce, plants, and crafts will be available during regular market hours: 8am-1pm.
Special Opening Day Events will take place around 10am.

Regarding Farmer's Market produce, this week I had quite a few random bits left in my fridge's veggie drawer.  A couple of leaves each of kale and spinach, a few onions, a stem of almost picked-clean basil, etc.  Determined not to waste the last few vegetables, I whipped up some eggs and made a quiche throwing in all the bits!
To make the "left overs" seem more special, I made individual quiches.  They were enjoyed by all!
Just an idea to use up the last of your veggies before Opening Day tomorrow morning!

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