Monday, May 24, 2010

More than Vegetables

Last week I was excited to discover some new things at the Farmer's Market.
Chaney Farms has recipe cards to help inspire cooks to try their produce in a new way.
Along with their vegetables, Beacon Hill Farms had fresh eggs for sale.  (FYI-Click here to find a list of what Beacon Hill Farms is bringing to the market each week.)
And then the next items I found made me so excited I completely forgot to ask the name of the business!  Oops!  What local items caused me to loose my mind?  Fresh baked goods.  This past week we tried the French rolls and apple-filled empanadas.  This week we're going to try the wheat rolls...and maybe some cookies...and maybe some more of the French rolls...
Oh my!  Bottom line: get to Farmer's Market in the morning!

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