Friday, May 7, 2010

Downtown for the Weekend

One of my monthly magazines arrived in the mailbox this morning.  Each issue contains an itinerary should one decide to spend a weekend wandering through one of the many little towns scattered throughout Northern California.  I thought it might be fun to copy their idea and plan a weekend in our little Downtown.  So, humor me, if you will, as I share my weekend thoughts.  Who knows?  Maybe you'll even join me Downtown!

Friday Evening
Do you follow the Cafe on Broadway on Twitter?  If you don't already, you should.  This week they tweeted about their latest concoction: sno-cones.  I headed down for a wild grape flavored treat immediately this past Wednesday.  Thank goodness for Twitter!  Eager to try another flavor, I'd start my weekend at the cafe on Friday evening with a light dinner followed by a wild cherry sno-cone.  Lemon is good, too; it's my boys' favorite flavor.  (Note: the syrups are made with pure sugar cane and natural flavorings.)
Saturday Morning
Loving the cafe as I do, I'd probably start my Saturday morning there as well.  Grabbing a cup of hot tea (I often bring my own travel mug to save a paper cup) and a fresh scone, I'd sit at an outside table and watch Downtown wake up.  Tummy happy, I'd head next door to Books on Broadway and peruse the latest titles. 

I'm currently keeping my eyes open for a dresser that I could paint navy blue to put in my boys' room, so I'd head to Dave's Appliance next.  (Believe it or not, I've found quite a few things there over the years.)  Two Gal's Junk is another fun place to find a treasure and is worth a walk through.  I'd probably swing by Flowers on Broadway just to make shameless hints to my family about flowers and Mother's Day.  And, speaking of Mother's Day, I have yet to take care of my own mother and mother-in-law (shame on me!), so I'd continue my morning Downtown and swing by Creative Corner on Broadway to find some paper for the craft I have planned to make.  Then again, it might be better to pick up something already made, so perhaps a better option would be Four Corner's Frame and Design--have you see all their lovely stationery?  It's beautiful, just beautiful.

By the time I'd finished up my shopping, it just might be time for dinner.  Fratelli's is always yummy, so wandering through Heather Hill Botique (to see the new shop location), Amandromeda, and Local Flair on my way to eat, I'd settle into my booth and order my favorite margherita pizza.
Second Saturdays kicks off with a concert in the park.  A cup of gelato would be the perfect way to enjoy some music and, lucky for me, Fratelli's has all kinds of new flavors.  Jim and Kim Lansford start playing at 7:30pm, so I'd be settled on my blanket at Twin Springs Gazebo Park just in time.
Sunday Morning
Being Mother's Day this Sunday, I think I'd take it easy and have my guys take me to brunch at Emelia's.  They're serving brunch beginning at 10am.  Be sure to call ahead for reservations.

Whew!  That looks like a fun, full weekend!
But I think I'm up for it.
I'll see you Downtown!
(Note: Links for the above mentioned shops and eateries can be found in the list to the right.)


  1. Karyn, I love the post! What a clever girl you are! We live in such a sweet little town with so much to offer and so many good friends to share in the fun. Love ya, joy

  2. I love stationary! (your mother-in-law)

  3. I love that you post all the pictures! And you catch some sweet moments with those boys of yours as well as other children. And the Quiches'...well, they looked fabulous!! You make me want to live here...WAIT I do!!! Lucky me!:)