Monday, January 4, 2010

The Year in Review-2009

Happy New Year!

It's hard to believe that 2010 is here. It makes me excited to think about all of the fun in store for us this year, down on Main Street. 2009 was certainly eventful, and although there were many notable events taking place in the world at large, I thought I'd look back on some of my favorite downtown experiences and memorable Main Street moments of the past year:

  • The Word on Main Street's first post in March: a visit to story time at Books on Broadway. I almost became a bit choked up, seeing the kiddos in rapt attention listening to Miss Deborah, and noticing how they've grown so much since then. I'm happy to report that story time continues to be a fun and unique downtown staple. I greatly appreciate the staff of Books on Broadway and their commitment to the growth and vitality of downtown.
Photo by Hope Johnstone
  • The Word on Main Street's illustrious band of contributors: OK, besides myself, I've relied heavily on Jenny Anglin, Karyn Elliott and Hope Johnstone. They are all incredibly talented and I have been honored to utilize their skills and to cash in on their love of downtown. Truly, these ladies have added a great deal of warmth and information to these pages, and The Word on Main Street would not exist without them. In addition to reporting on demand, Hope has provided countless images and I never fail to be amazed by her skill at capturing the magic of our town. Karyn, in addition to being a faithful reader and commenter, has been invaluable with her Farmer's Market coverage. Jenny was a tremendous help with her coverage of the fishing derby, as I had inadvertently missed out on that event. I also must say a special Thank You to Harmony at the Cafe on Broadway. There have been numerous times that she's called me up to let me know of something interesting taking place down town. She's my eyes and ears. What's that you say? You love downtown, too? You like to write and/or take pictures? Please, please contact me. Don't delay! I would love to share your words and photos of downtown. There's nothing I like better than to hear someone wax poetic about a great experience they had on Main Street.
  • A serendipitous meeting with a group of Rotarians from Thailand who were taking in the sights of downtown Siloam. This was the sort of thing that I'd hoped for when I started writing this blog. Here was a group of people from another part of the world, and they were in our small corner of the globe, enjoying and appreciating all that we have to offer. Better still, I just happened to spot them during their visit and they were kind enough to answer all of my questions and pose for a photo.
  • The Second Saturday festivities that took place for most of the year. In the past, I had always enjoyed the Second Saturday music in the park, and expanding the evening to include shopping, strolling and carriage rides was inspired!
  • The First Annual Dog Day of Summer Dog Walk, sponsored by Main Street Siloam Springs. This was just pure, adorable fun, and I hope that it will be an annual tradition for many years to come. Shelley Simmons and the Main Street staff do an amazing job of promoting and enhancing the downtown experience.
  • The Parades! Homecoming, Veteran's Day and the Christmas parade. Ahhh... the epitome of small town charm. And let's not forget the parade of costumed kids during the Downtown trick-or-treat. I must say, we certainly know how to celebrate. Let the fun begin!


  1. Oh, I do, I do love downtown! (Maybe someday I'll even live down there!) Thanks for a fun year-in-review! --Karyn

  2. Good work, Heidi and friends, for letting us know what wonderful people and ideas we have in this town! I'm so happy here!

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  4. It's been 2 years I've lived here as a student, and I just had no idea there was really this much going on in this little city until I started reading your blog. It's definitely made it seem way more fun...I just have to go out at the right times to find these venues and events to enjoy. And now I actually know when and where they are!

    So thanks for informing us of all there is downtown. Having it here in one place means I don't have to miss anymore of it.
    Happy New Decade! :)

  5. I absolutely adore Downtown Siloam Springs. It makes living around here not so bad. I love that you blog about things that are so close to home. Lets keep Downtown alive!

    Great Blog,
    Dani-Elle from

    I have some great pictures of downtown.

  6. Thanks so much, everyone. It always makes me smile to hear from other downtown fans. Aren't we lucky?

  7. When does the farmers market open this year?