Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Painting Place Studio and More

Just one block off of Broadway, in a cozy house across from the museum, is The Painting Place Studio & More. Owned by artist Diana Shannon, it is a welcoming spot for art and craft lovers.

Caramel, the friendly resident cat, cozied up to my feet as I browsed and chatted with Diana about her passion to create. She is a prolific self-taught artist who gravitates toward pastoral scenes, western motifs and Native American art. There are framed pieces available, as well as painted saw blades and other objects, even a small snack table decorated with pretty flowers. Many items can be personalized, such as her Valentine's Day special- a tall mug painted with a classic red heart, the sweethearts' names and the year, filled with candy- all for $5.

In addition to the many artistic treasures to be found in the shop, Diana carries antiques, homemade lye soap, hand lotions, and candles. She also sells decorative tomahawks that incorporate found artifacts, and a line of authentic Cherokee baskets made by artisan Annette Orman. The Cherokee baskets range in price from $5-$35, while the other items start at $3.

Diana's love of painting and creating stems from her family members. Her sister, mother and grandmother were all artists, and her father worked with wood. Diana, in turn, shares her gift with other burgeoning artists through painting lessons available at her shop. Students pay $45 for four weekly sessions, each two hours long. In addition, she provides the art supplies. What a great deal!

I was lucky enough to visit at the end of one student's visit. Rebekah Gay is on her second lesson, and is working with acrylics on a snowy owl, based on her own original sketch. She is a bird aficionado, and it was a treat to see the joy and excitement she felt at expressing her passion through art. Diana is a nurturing and encouraging teacher, and she clearly enjoys seeing others discover their artistic talents.

The Painting Place Studio & More is located at 107 N. Maxwell. Hours are 10-4 Thursday-Saturday, or by appointment. Call 524-9530 for more information.


  1. I was wanting to stop by this place the other day but I wasn't sure what it was. Thanks for the info! I will def go now.
    BTW--did The Red Door Market close?

  2. I've been meaning to give an update on the Red Door Market. From some second hand information, I heard that they had a good Christmas, but afterward, there just wasn't enough traffic. So, the Balloon Closet is now in that space, which will hopefully be good for them.

  3. Wow, I had no idea this was even there!! Thanks so much for another great find.