Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fishing Derby

By "Word on Main Street" Contributor Jenny Anglin

The Fishing Derby was a greatly anticipated event for my husband, Scott, and daughter, Ava, this month. The car was all packed up Friday night...poles were ready and the worms were chilling in my fridge...completely unaware of their future fate!

Scott and Ava arrived bright and early on Saturday morning, hooked their worms and the wait began... waiting, waiting, waiting for a fish to bite, Finally, Ava got her catfish! She proudly held the slimy, slithery fish for photos and all. There is something truly magical about kids and catching fish... especially fish with whiskers, according to Ava.

This annual event is becoming a favorite for our family..and is always a great excuse for a Daddy/Daughter date! Yet another reason we love the charm of small town living!

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