Thursday, June 4, 2009

Four Corners Frame & Design

Well, I'm feeling all aglow after the lovely morning I just had downtown. I began my day with a bit of a framing emergency, and I knew just who to call. Holly Bos, the owner of Four Corners Frame & Design, answered my ring with her cheery voice, and said that she could have something framed for me the next day if we used some of her in-stock frames.

I rushed down to the shop, and I was instantly relaxed and uplifted upon entering the attractive space. In addition to framing, Four Corners also specializes in wonderful and unique stationary. For someone who adores thank you notes and the charm of calling cards (just $8.95 for 20), I was enraptured! Holly carries a delightful array of note cards, personalized stationary, kids' thank you fill-in-the-blank cards, printed sticky notes, list pads, and self-inking custom stamps, among other things. She also assists customers in designing invitations. My head was spinning with all of the possibilities!

If that's not amazing enough, she also has a large tub of Thomas the Tank Engine toys to keep little ones busy. My son and I could have spent the entire day there. This wouldn't be too far fetched, as Holly pointed out some cozy leather chairs in the corner. She jokingly calls them the "counseling corner" as clients enjoying staying and chatting in the welcoming environment of the shop.

Holly said that her favorite part of her job is the personalized attention she's able to give her customers.
Much of her time is spent one-on-one with customers, helping them design the perfect invitation, or frame a special piece of art. She enjoys hearing their stories, and the history behind the items they bring in to have framed. She has a large selection of frames, and typically it takes about a week and half for framing to be completed. However, as I mentioned before, she can frame something even sooner with what she has in stock.

Holly and her co-worker and friend Jerrie Lu Everett really love the quaintness and camaraderie that comes from working downtown. They said that lately, on these crisp spring mornings, they enjoying stepping outside to sweep the sidewalk and chatting with other downtown business employees.

As I was leaving (reluctantly), Holly mentioned that it was "fish taco" day at the Cafe on Broadway, so I happily strolled over and had a glorious lunch. The lightly seasoned talapia, the whole wheat tortillas, the mango chutney.... pure bliss!

So remember, for all of your frame, stationary and invitation needs, (and lunch tips!) look no further than Four Corners Frame & Design shop.

Holly and Jerrie Lu get ready to work their magic.

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