Tuesday, May 1, 2012


We noticed a new booth at the Farmer's Market and decided to pay a little visit. 

All kinds of delicious looking baked goods were to be found.  All baked by the friendly folks at Yum-Yum's. 

We picked out three treats and headed home for a taste test.

Cranberry White Chocolate Scones were most certainly yum-yum!
As were the Scottie cookies.
But then we tried the MegaChip cookie.
They got a yum-yum, yum-yum at my house!  Oh my.  So very good!
Perhaps you'd better swing by the market and grab a tasty treat.
Please, just save a MegaChip cookie for me.

I'll see you Downtown!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Karyn, we'll be back soon with some great bakery goods in a few weeks.
    Special K Scone(lemon scone)
    High Octane Cookie
    and lots more...