Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dogwood Junction moved!

Dogwood Junction has changed locations.  They're now located down around the corner near Twin Springs Park.
We saw the open sign on the other day, so we headed in!
I'm so glad we did!  We had a wonderful time!
My boys are saving for kites.  We happily watched a demo for the Sting Ray Super Flyer!
Then we were invited to the back to check out the super huge kite!  This is only half of the kite.  We'd love to see this fly someday.
As we were saying our goodbyes and figuring out how much money the boys still needed to save, we were told about Dogwood Junction's collaboration with the Cafe on Broadway.

Rent a bike at Dogwood Junction while perusing the Cafe on Broadway's menu.  Pay for your bike rental and meal right there at Dogwood Junction.  They'll throw in a picnic basket and blanket for you to use.  Hop on your bike, and head north up Broadway Street... the Cafe on Broadway!
The wonderful folks at the Cafe will be watching for you.
Stop your bike (but no need to hop off), and the Cafe will run out with your meal and place it in the picnic basket.
Such an easy way to enjoy a delightful spring evening in Downtown Siloam Springs.
Bike down and around the trails until you find a perfect spot to spread your blanket and eat your salad or sandwich.  I love this idea and plan to take advantage of it soon!

I'll see you Downtown!

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