Friday, April 30, 2010

Heather Hill Boutique

Did you think Heather Hill Boutique was a shop filled only with fun, frilly dresses for little girls?
It's what I thought until the other day until a friend told me otherwise.  Armed with the new information, I headed down with my kiddos and a friend to see what else Heather Hill Boutique had to offer.
This is what I found:
A beautiful bag made just for grown-up girls!
I want one!  Or two...
Just below the wonderful bags and totes I found this:
A darling apron!  I'm thinking it could make dinner-cooking all the more fun!
I'm so glad my friend Julia set me straight on Heather Hill Boutique.

And in other Heather Hill Boutique news, they will be moving to another location just around the corner from their current location.  They'll pack up all the cute things Saturday night, set them up in what used to be the Baby Habit, and reopen on Tuesday morning at 10am.
Perhaps you should pay them a visit... Mother's Day is almost here!  (Hint, hint...)

And after you've visited Heather Hill Boutique at their new location, head back to their previous location, because rumor has it a shop full of cute things for boys is moving in.

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