Monday, April 26, 2010

Dogwood Festival Recap

The weekend turned out to be a rainy one!  Of course, a local Siloam-er would expect nothing less than a rainy weekend--it seems to happen most years!
My only chance to visit the Dogwood Festival was on Saturday morning in the drizzle.
Our first stop was at Books on Broadway to pick up our signed copy of Dawn Denton's new childrens' book titled Ruby and Rocket.  If you haven't purchased your copy yet, there are still books available at the book shop.
We enjoyed a piece of cake while looking through the pages of our new book.
The rain didn't stop us! We were hungry for carnival food!
We headed over to the food trucks and chose a snack to share.
That corn dog hit the spot!
We heard from friends that Saturday and Sunday afternoons were beautiful weather-wise and perfect for exploring downtown.  Oh well, we had our fun in the rain!

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