Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mayan Mocha Bread

Mayan Mocha Bread.
Chocolatey sweet with a kick of heat.
It's what I found at a visit to the Farmer's Market.
Oh my.
I may or may not have shared my loaf.
It is THAT good!
Ballard Bakery has been baking up some yummy stuff!
Here are some of their options from last week.
Ballard Bakery often shares a table with Lady Hester's Pretzels and More.
Which reminds me...I'm signing off on this post right now...
Because I need to track Lady Hester down and order more homemade corn tortillas!  
You can order yours here.  Tell her how many tortillas you want, and then pick them up at the next Farmer's Market.

I'll see you Downtown!

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