Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gardening 101

Are you someone who wants to learn more about gardening? Do your flowerbeds look like mine? 
(I'm sort of embarrassed to actually show you this picture!)
Then Gardening 101 is just for you!

I'm especially excited about this event.  We moved into our house this past year, and while we've done a lot to our yard, there is still a tone of work to be done-especially in our flower and garden beds.  Below I've noted the specifics of the event.  I hope you'll join us!

PS: The event ends at noon; just in time for lunch at Emelia's Kitchen!  Have you had the Vegetable Kabob?  It's delish!


WHAT:  A workshop for residents of Siloam Springs and the surrounding area on helpful landscape tips for beginner gardeners.

WHEN:  March 19, 2010 from 9:00-12:00

WHERE:  Siloam Springs Community Building

COST:  Free

PRESENTERS:       Nan Mills of Handywoman ~
Spring Landscape 
Maintenance Needs

                                    Dawn Denton of Gardens
                                    by You and Me ~
Anchors in your Design

                        Mark Bray of Benton County
                        Extension Office ~  
Raised bed Vegetable Gardens
and Overview of Extension Office Services

Delia Haak of Illinois River 
Watershed Partnership ~
Rain Gardening and 
Riparian Zone Facts

Other Info:  Refreshments and Door Prizes

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  1. I dunno... I don't think your garden looks THAT bad. ;-)