Tuesday, August 4, 2009

II Gal's Junk

Junk? Certainly not!
If you are anything like me, flea markets contain treasures galore. II Gal's Junk is my favorite kind of flea market- lots of variety, with items for both serious and casual collectors, and there are bargains to be had. When I was visiting there today, I decided to take some photos of items that I really loved- sort of an imaginary shopping spree:

Don't you just love this little guy with the big belly? Is he a squirrel, as the tag says? Maybe a bear? I don't care! I just love him. His sweet face and shy smile as he offers his tiny cookie- how could one resist? I'm always drawn to cookie jars at flea markets, but I don't actually own one. For starters, I don't want to end up with a belly of these proportions, but also because I think personally, I would want to stop at just one cookie jar (rather than an entire collection), and I can't imagine finding the perfect cookie jar. I don't want to buy one, and then later see a different, better one and regret my choice. However, I am inclined to think this one might be a contender for best. cookie. jar. ever.

One of these beautiful clocks would look great on my nightstand. I would be awakened by its cheerful buzzing promptly at 7:00 am, so that I could put on my frilly dressing gown (that would match my elaborately frilly nightgown), in order to whip up a delightful and hearty breakfast for my dashing, fedora-wearing husband, whose arrival home at 5:00 pm would also be heralded by my lovely clock. (No gagging, please.)

My son would have a ball in this awesome pedal fire truck. Wooooooooooo..woooooooooooooo... clang! clang! I can just hear it now.

I actually own one of these Dakin "Dream Pets," and getting it out each Christmas makes me smile. This adorable pair has been marked down to $12.49- a bargain for a little Christmas cheer.

A really fun-looking "Hootenanny" guitar (with box) that could help me channel my inner Loretta Lynn.

This was one of my favorites- a postcard salesman's kit from 1966. About 20 or so sheets of uncut postcards with all sorts of themes- hilariously adorable pets (shown above), the beach, fall leaves, humorous illustrated jokes, etc. I'm having trouble picturing this salesman's pitch, though. In my experience, when you visit Las Vegas or Gettysburg, you purchase postcards with very specific images of those locales, so when your note says, "Having a great time, wish you were here," your friend or loved one can look at the image on the front, and they'll know exactly where "here" is. Maybe these postcards were designed for nondescript beach towns, or New England destinations with a lot of generic fall foliage. This salesman could then say, "There you are- this sand dune looks just like the one down the street! No one will know the difference! Now, can I put you down for a gross?"

II Gal's Junk was opened June 1, 2007 by Pat Calico and Ginny Fuller. They don't utilize consignment-type booths, rather they assemble the store's ever-changing collection themselves. Pat particularly loves depression glass, while Ginny is especially fond of the vintage clothing they sell. (For instance- a fabulous black pantsuit with a faux skirt overlay in hot pink paisley for just $2.99. Yes, you heard me right. It's stupendous!)

II Gal's Junk is located at 120 S. Broadway (between The Balloon Closet and Jolly Roger's Sweet Shoppe.) They are open 10-5 Wednesday-Saturday, with other days by appointment or chance. Call Pat and Ginny at 238-8005 for more information.

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  1. You have an EYE, Miss Heidi, for details and color! I love your photographs! I just visited this place last Saturday and thought it was such a hidden little treasure trove. Your words about it were less cliche and very fun to read :)

    I, too, am a fan of the vintage clothes, there and it was the little light green cotton dress with the empire waist in the window that brought me in, in the first place...so I found myself asking small children for help zipping it up in the back of the store, as vintage clothing consistently reminds me that I'm not as small as I think I am. Maybe I should stick to the polyester granny shirts I was so fond of in high school...