Saturday, May 23, 2009

News from The Cafe on Broadway

Photo by Kirk Demarais

Breaking News: The Cafe on Broadway has a new website! Designed by local designer and downtown Siloam Springs resident Vance Reeser
, the site offers any and all cafe information you could possibly need. The site is welcoming, charming and user-friendly, not unlike the cafe itself!

Harmony Johnstone, the cafe manager and chef extraordinaire, said that in the future, there will also be fun new features on the site, such as "Now Serving"- where photos of daily specials and baked goods, fresh from the oven, will be displayed. Just think, the next time Shelby, one of the cafe's incredible bakers, places a mango-ginger pie in the case, you can be first in line for a slice. Delightful!

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  1. Those might be two of the greatest Siloam pictures ever taken! I like them both.