Monday, April 27, 2009

The 2009 Annual Dogwood Festival

The Top Ten Reasons Why I Love the Dogwood Festival:

10. The Friends of the Library Booksale- this year, I scored a fifteen volume set of 1965 Childcraft books for $4. What a bargain!

9. Kettle corn. Need I say more?

8. "The Stick Man," James C. Taylor- I love the tall walking sticks he makes with carvings of gnarled old men on the handles. They remind me of Treebeard from "The Lord of the Rings".

7. The sheer volume of fried items.

The knowledge that, for three days out of the year, I can ride a pony and a Segway
and purchase Pampered Chef products just blocks from my home.

5. The Masonic Lodge is semi-open to the public during the Dogwood Festival, when normally it seems so shrouded in impenetrable mystery.

4. The number of area garage sales triples.

3. Listening to the guy who plays the pan flute.

2. The miniature train, operated by Connie & Willie Misemer and their three Boston Terriers, Sissy, Bud & Morgan.

1. Seeing the beauty of Siloam Springs being enjoyed by so many visitors.

Thank you, Chamber of Commerce, for another great Dogwood Festival!


  1. It was fun to see Downtown so full of life!

  2. Hi Heidi! I love this list-so true so true. I was bummed that I had to miss the festival this year. I love the people watching more than anything. Well, not more than Kettle Korn but you know what I mean. :)