Friday, August 12, 2011

Weekend Plans

School is starting on Monday.  Can you believe it?
It's our last chance to stay up late enjoying the summer evenings.
There's always something going on Downtown, but these two things will help you enjoy the last bits of summer...

Storytime at Books on Broadway
Saturday August 13th 6:00 PM
They'll be reading:
Siamese cat Skippyjon Jones really wants to go to dog school, but his mama won't let him. Inside his closet, he finds himself on the playground of his imagination surrounded by dogs of all kinds. And when a bully sends shiver-itos down the spines of the little yippers, Skippy saves the day and earns the biggest gold star. Full color.

Then grab some gelato at Fratelli's (I hear they've got Extra Rich Dark Chocolate Coverture in the freezer) before heading down to Second Saturdays for music in the park.
Rick Reding and the White River Music Company will be playing some tunes.

Good-bye summer...

I'll see you Downtown!

PS: There are some fun must-have school supplies to be found Downtown, too!  Four Corner's Frame has all kinds of stationery, Amandromeda has vintage clothes for back-to-school clothes, Books on Broadway can order any books you might need to start the semester, Heather Hill Boutique has the perfect hair accessory, and I could go on an on...  Perhaps you'd better just grab a cup of coffee at Pour Jon's and shop for yourself!

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