Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Cafe Caters

Quick! While there's a break in the weather, head Downtown!  It's what we did yesterday morning.  It was awfully nice to have a break before more storms headed our way.

We stopped by the Cafe on Broadway for a quick treat.  The cafe girls were busy packing up a catering order.  Isn't it beautiful?  Looking at those lovely chicken salad sandwiches and salads with cheery oranges made me want to have an event just so I could serve fun lunch boxes!
Remember the Cafe on Broadway for your next catered event.
And if you don't have an event planned, now's the perfect time to grab your calendar.  You could be just days away from a cute box lunch!

I'll see you Downtown!

PS: Why are you still sitting there?  Get out and enjoy the nice weather while you can.  More storms are coming tonight!  Yikes!

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