Monday, December 21, 2009

Siloam Springs Printing

So, where does one go for color-copies-of-original-art-to-be-given-as-Christmas-gifts a few days before Christmas? Well, I went to Siloam Springs Printing. They do all sorts of printing jobs, from letterhead, envelopes, business cards, sale bills, auction handbills and copies, to name a few. My favorite part of the experience is the free notepad customers receive-it's such a nice touch. The shop also sells used books for 50 cents in order to raise money for the Talbot Library & Museum in Colcord, OK.

I never fail to be charmed by the comfortable and welcoming atmosphere of the shop, and it certainly makes me feel special to have the service and attention of the owner herself. Glenita Guthrie has owned Siloam Springs Printing since 1968, making the establishment quite an institution on Broadway.

Glenita is always helpful and friendly, and it comes as no surprise that she says the best part of her job is that she loves the people she meets. She has spent her whole life in our neck of the woods, living in Cincinnati, AR and attending Siloam Springs schools. Glenita actually got her start in life just blocks from her shop. She was born in the current Drake Renovation and Construction building, when it was the John Brown University Hospital. Apparently, they ran out of baby beds and had to put her in a drawer! Thankfully, she harbored no ill will towards downtown Siloam Springs for the lack of proper accommodations, and she has provided a vibrant and dependable institution on a street that has seen many changes in the past 40 years.

While visiting with Glenita, I noticed that Siloam Springs Printing has received several years worth of "Best of the Best" awards for "Favorite Print/Graphic Design Shop." They certainly deserve that distinction, and I want to remind everyone out there to fill out the current survey with all of your favorite downtown businesses. That's a great way to show Main Street some love. Also, have you noticed the wonderful holiday music being piped into downtown? I believe we have Holly Bos, from Four Corners Frame & Design to thank for that. Thanks, Holly! It really makes it magical.


  1. I love that place! The did my wedding invitations. --Karyn

  2. What a charming story! I didn't even really realize there was another option to the unfortunate bad experiences offered at another copy place in town. As an art studetn at JBU this is great news, to have one more place to print our projects at- and I'm sure I will use their services in the near future. Thanks for this little tidbit!

    And Happy Christmas :)