Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Primavera Garden Club

As I was driving down University Street this morning, I noticed a group of women hard at work decorating the newly finished gazebo in City Park. Intrigued, I stopped for a closer look. It turns out that members of the Primavera Garden Club were continuing their annual tradition of decorating the gazebo for Christmas. The club has been in action since the 1960's, and Catherine Skyler, the group's founder, is still a member.

At monthly meetings, members discuss gardening, flowers, and new gardening products. They participate in yearly garden tours, potluck dinners, and most importantly, they are the keepers of City Park's green spaces and also the Pauline Henry Memorial Garden located by the library. The chilly weather did not deter this group from their decorating, and the finished product will be enjoyed by many this holiday season. I am so grateful for their dedication. It continues to warm my heart when I meet so many people who love our town and who contribute to its beauty and charm.

Pictured (from top row, left) are Primavera Garden Club members Ellie Zwaryck (former Main Street Director and Farmer's Market Manager), Lynn Phillips, Dorothy Eich, Susi Gilbert, Sue Allen, Sandy Martin, Marilyn Holliday, and Barbara "Bunny" Russel. If you are interested in learning more about the Primavera Garden Club, contact Susi Gilbert at 220-8993.

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